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Is there anybody out there?

10 Aug

Well, the good news is, that my last post, while date-stamped, is only marked as Dec 12, and doesn’t mention the year… so some people could be tricked into thinking it’s only been 9 months since I last blogged here… Then again, who are these ‘some people’ I speak of? It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and if there was an audience before, I suspect they are now long gone…

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The Power of One

12 Dec

This morning, thanks to a link sent to me by my friend and colleague, Tina Bui, our class departed from their essay writing for a wee while to check out something special going on in the world; kids their age making a difference.
We went to the Huffington Post where the students spent twenty minutes looking through the short snapshots about 11 kids who made a difference in 2011. Students then followed more links to read about children who raised money, gave of their time, and inspired change in others and then wrote about who they thought was the most inspirational and why, on their own blogs. Take some time to read who your child admires; it is always inspiring reading about other people who do good; something all of us could learn from.

It was interesting to see who the kids chose; did they choose the person who raised the most money, the one who was the youngest… what about the 11 kids on screen really affected your child? Was it the issue? Have a conversation with your child, about the Power of One.

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Mimi’s about to start school…Hannah began today!

17 Aug

Mimi has her two orientation days at the end of this week and begins school at The Wonder Center from 8-2 on the 24th of August. We are so excited she has the opportunity to experience an amazing bi-lingual experience at a location so close to home. Here are some snapshots my friend Jenny took at Mimi’s last day of school in June. Thanks Jenny, I know it was hard work for you with the children climbing all over you, not to mention the temptation of all of those cakes!!!

Meanwhile it was Hannah’s first day in Grade 4 today; also the first day of work with the students for Simon and I, it is great to have kids back in the classroom and see what you are in for for the rest of the year. It looks like my class are going to get along famously but the thrill I get from seeing how happy Hannah is in her new class is so exciting… She has a new teacher, Ms Lau and I think her year is going to be her best yet. Check out what Hannah is up to on her teacher’s class blog.

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Hannah Turns 9

11 Apr


We made the paper!!!

08 Nov

Former stray finds a loving home by — DAIDAI, a six-month-old tabby cat with beautiful colors and markings, has large ears and a small head. Just like other kittens, Daidai is active, energetic and curious about everything. He likes to play and is also…

I just saw this picture online…I love it! I love living in a big city most days actually. Just wish that one day…ONE fine day, the construction would ease and the smog would clear…maybe the current storms will blow some smog away!


The Best of September

13 Oct

Thanks to Amy…and Sharon…for a bit of prompting…
Not much time to write right now but here are a few photos at least.

Thanks to one of my oldest and best mates ever, Lou, for half of the photos…See you next time gorgeous…reunion photos are on their way!


For You Sharon…

28 Sep


A trip to Jackson in June

03 Jun

I’m taking a trip to Jackson on June 3rd.


The girls

02 Jun

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Our big baby

22 May
From Drop Box
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