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Snapshots of an Aussie ‘Summer’

02 Aug


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Spot the Mimster….

29 Nov

November… A month I’d rather forget.

It seems like we’re all pretty run down this month, Mimi’s got the cough that never goes away, Simon feels like he is an old man with aches and pains everywhere and I’ve had a little bit of just about everything! Luckily Han is only tired with a bit of a head cold; we need someone to hold the fort!

I returned last night from a three day trip to Hong Kong for an assessment conference and think Hong Kong would be a fine place to live; such a bustling hub, the flights are more direct, the air was certainly clearer for this trip than what I left behind and there was water or mountain views at every turn…

In three weeks we will be back in Australia for our Christmas holiday and so we need to recharge now and get ourselves fit and healthy to enjoy the longest break there we’ve had since June 2008.


The Longest Home-Made Water Slide in the World…

02 Mar

This is the best fun ever ever ever. Over the Christmas holidays back in 2008 we stayed at Miranda and Andrews a fair bit and one fine day Andrew woke up and decided to make a water-slide and Simon decided to make a movie about the making of a water-slide. I don’t know who had more fun, the grown ups or the kids, well actually, yes I do, it was the grown ups for sure!

As always, wait for the video to load for maximum viewing pleasure and be sure to leave a positive and friendly comment to encourage Andrew for his next big project… surely a go-kart track is needed at Donald Land???