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Oops I did it again!

14 Jan

As in, I made a resolution to do something…and I didn’t.

When I am looking into following someone on social media, one thing I do is check how recently they posted, and how often they post. So I was embarrassed when I realized that I have this blog linked to my powerfamilytravels instagram page. While I am getting better at sharing photos appropriate to that account, on that account, having this blog linked…well, not cool! Talk about a way to turn people off. I guess I am just juggling too many accounts, and not doing many (any?) of them well.

I suppose I see this as a family archive, personal archive, and as someone who loved loved loved blogging when it first started up 12-15 years ago, I’d really like to continue with this medium. I really appreciated the diary, journal aspect of blogging, and loved it as a place to archive memories. I remember thinking when Mimi used to lament that SHE didn’t have a baby book like oh so spoiled first child Hannah, that at least she’d have a wonderful digital footprint curated by her mother, until she was old enough to take over and create her own memory files. Well…she’s just turned ten, she has a couple of instagram accounts, thanks to issues with lost passwords, and she is not really inheriting anything from me as I have certainly dropped the ball…Good intentions aren’t worth the time it takes to type them if you don’t follow through.

If I had one wish (ok, this wouldn’t be the ONLY, or no.1 thing I’d wish for) but if I had my druthers, I’d love to have every thing I’ve every posted curated into one space for me…every picassa, every flickr, every tweet, insta, fb post, every attempted blog, all the things floating around, I think I even have a tumblr out there somewhere… the whole lot, in one spot, all together for me to pore over and condense and process and enjoy.

So here is my once yearly (as I can’t recall how to say once every two years….bi annual? surely that’s twice a year right?) attempt at posting on this page.

Here are some much more recent photos of our now 10 year old Mimi, our now almost 16 year old Hannah and our recent additions… Snowball and Freckles…of the feline persuasion!


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We’re Back

18 Jun

Hey World…. aka Hey Amy Hossack!

In an effort to streamline… goal number 47 of the next school year… I’m attempting to separate my Instagram accounts, as I’d like the Barefoot Librarian Account to be all about the books, and the newer Power Family Travels to be all about, well, the Power Family Travels…

Therefore, it is time to get back to work on this blog, as there was a link for it in the new Insta bio, and you know I do love linking!

Stay Tuned x


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Go Greece Lightning

16 Sep

Yes, I know that’s not the way to spell Grease, or Greased… but Greece was the country of choice last Summer, and the one before that… and the one before that; and Grease was certainly the movie of choice with Mimi discovering it for the first time weeks before we arrived… I know she watched part of that movie, or sang songs from the movie, or talked about Danny and Sandy, or John and Olivia as she tended to call them EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 9.12.28 AM

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Spot the Mimster….

29 Nov

November… A month I’d rather forget.

It seems like we’re all pretty run down this month, Mimi’s got the cough that never goes away, Simon feels like he is an old man with aches and pains everywhere and I’ve had a little bit of just about everything! Luckily Han is only tired with a bit of a head cold; we need someone to hold the fort!

I returned last night from a three day trip to Hong Kong for an assessment conference and think Hong Kong would be a fine place to live; such a bustling hub, the flights are more direct, the air was certainly clearer for this trip than what I left behind and there was water or mountain views at every turn…

In three weeks we will be back in Australia for our Christmas holiday and so we need to recharge now and get ourselves fit and healthy to enjoy the longest break there we’ve had since June 2008.


Mimi’s about to start school…Hannah began today!

17 Aug

Mimi has her two orientation days at the end of this week and begins school at The Wonder Center from 8-2 on the 24th of August. We are so excited she has the opportunity to experience an amazing bi-lingual experience at a location so close to home. Here are some snapshots my friend Jenny took at Mimi’s last day of school in June. Thanks Jenny, I know it was hard work for you with the children climbing all over you, not to mention the temptation of all of those cakes!!!

Meanwhile it was Hannah’s first day in Grade 4 today; also the first day of work with the students for Simon and I, it is great to have kids back in the classroom and see what you are in for for the rest of the year. It looks like my class are going to get along famously but the thrill I get from seeing how happy Hannah is in her new class is so exciting… She has a new teacher, Ms Lau and I think her year is going to be her best yet. Check out what Hannah is up to on her teacher’s class blog.

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28 Jun

We are in the South now, by a tiny little beach area called Vale de Centianes. We are eating lots of sardines and drinking red wine, eating sorbet and gelati and swimming swimming swimming. Today Han and I woke at 10, then we ate, we swam, we watched Get Smart, the soccer, swam, ate, swam and that was about it. Life is lovely here in the south of Portugal! Mimi is loving the pool, swimming naked and running around naked and even sleeping naked… we are all pretty much naked (much to Hannah’s dismay!)

Tomorrow we head here for some fun in the sun, Hannah and Simon style!

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Portugal… the first visit of many…

18 Jun

We’ve been to Spain, briefly to Barcelona in 1996…We’ve had four visits to France since then and consider Paris to be one of the most amazing cities in the world and we pretty much have an ongoing love affair with the south of the country, but this is our first trip to Portugal.

The Lisbon streets have more graffiti than perhaps any other city we’ve ever visited, we have trouble with communicating as we don’t know any Portuguese and the kids are going a little ‘stir-crazy’ in our small local apartment…BUT it is official WE LOVE PORTUGAL!

The sky is so blue, the air is so pure, all of the buildings have so much character and did I mention the food? Holy Mama, so delicious!

The best news is we still have two weeks to go!
Here is where we are off to next after our 12 days in Lisbon and Porto.

Three cheers for Portugal!


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