Hannah takes on Barbie!

04 Dec

I have struck gold!

My new colleague and friend, 5th grade teacher Tina Bui, likes my children and wants to play with them and take them places!!! So instead of ME having to take the girls (again I might add, once was enough) to wonderful exciting places like Barbie World Shanghai!!! now Tina gets to do it…

Here are some (many) snaps of Hannah striking a pose on her midweek adventure this week. Only relatives need click play… and close relatives at that (read – Nanna Gay) as they are all very, very Hannah! with some Hannah, and then a few of Hannah!

December is here by the way, which is super exciting. In two weeks from now we hope to be sitting in the Donald’s kitchen eating vegemite on toast and drinking coffee watching kangaroos in the paddock and seeing the kids reunite, not to mention Andrew and Simon’s reunion of course… ah, brings a tear to my eye!

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  1. Gay Jeffries

    December 4, 2010 at 11:31 am

    wow I wish I could go there with you Hannah it looks such fun. See you in 3 weeks from Tuesday. I Love You