The Power of One

12 Dec

This morning, thanks to a link sent to me by my friend and colleague, Tina Bui, our class departed from their essay writing for a wee while to check out something special going on in the world; kids their age making a difference.
We went to the Huffington Post where the students spent twenty minutes looking through the short snapshots about 11 kids who made a difference in 2011. Students then followed more links to read about children who raised money, gave of their time, and inspired change in others and then wrote about who they thought was the most inspirational and why, on their own blogs. Take some time to read who your child admires; it is always inspiring reading about other people who do good; something all of us could learn from.

It was interesting to see who the kids chose; did they choose the person who raised the most money, the one who was the youngest… what about the 11 kids on screen really affected your child? Was it the issue? Have a conversation with your child, about the Power of One.

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