Oops I did it again!

14 Jan

As in, I made a resolution to do something…and I didn’t.

When I am looking into following someone on social media, one thing I do is check how recently they posted, and how often they post. So I was embarrassed when I realized that I have this blog linked to my powerfamilytravels instagram page. While I am getting better at sharing photos appropriate to that account, on that account, having this blog linked…well, not cool! Talk about a way to turn people off. I guess I am just juggling too many accounts, and not doing many (any?) of them well.

I suppose I see this as a family archive, personal archive, and as someone who loved loved loved blogging when it first started up 12-15 years ago, I’d really like to continue with this medium. I really appreciated the diary, journal aspect of blogging, and loved it as a place to archive memories. I remember thinking when Mimi used to lament that SHE didn’t have a baby book like oh so spoiled first child Hannah, that at least she’d have a wonderful digital footprint curated by her mother, until she was old enough to take over and create her own memory files. Well…she’s just turned ten, she has a couple of instagram accounts, thanks to issues with lost passwords, and she is not really inheriting anything from me as I have certainly dropped the ball…Good intentions aren’t worth the time it takes to type them if you don’t follow through.

If I had one wish (ok, this wouldn’t be the ONLY, or no.1 thing I’d wish for) but if I had my druthers, I’d love to have every thing I’ve every posted curated into one space for me…every picassa, every flickr, every tweet, insta, fb post, every attempted blog, all the things floating around, I think I even have a tumblr out there somewhere… the whole lot, in one spot, all together for me to pore over and condense and process and enjoy.

So here is my once yearly (as I can’t recall how to say once every two years….bi annual? surely that’s twice a year right?) attempt at posting on this page.

Here are some much more recent photos of our now 10 year old Mimi, our now almost 16 year old Hannah and our recent additions… Snowball and Freckles…of the feline persuasion!


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