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And so this is Christmas…

18 Dec

As we are never ‘home’ at Christmas and don’t want to lug our gifts around with us on holiday, we open our presents on the last Sunday we are in Shanghai. Well, that was last Sunday and it was a lot of fun.Thanks to everyone who sent gifts and cards and to those still on the way, don’t stress (Mum!) we will love receiving them whenever they arrive.

Yes, it was still dark when we started opening the presents! Seems like yesterday I was the one waking my parents up to do the same thing. Mimi will be 3 in January and Hannah 9 in April. They are talkative, active, literary, loud and bossy yet also sweet, kind, generous and cheeky…we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today is the last working day of 2009 for us and for the first time in 4 years we aren’t flying anywhere today (always sooooooo stressful getting to the airport straight from school) and we are not going back to Australia either. While it will be difficult being away from Aussie family and friends we are pretty excited about chilling out on the beach… The last time we had an ‘un-Aussie’ Christmas was in 2004 with our terrific friends the Ramplings in France and it was great so we hope this one in Thailand with the Munnerlyns will also be wonderful. We will be spending 3 nights in Bangkok with other ex SAS friends, Tara, Dale and Sojo and then heading down to Phuket and staying at Rawai Beach …not bad hey?

Other events of the last few weeks are below and include Han’s 3rd grade recorder performance at the Christmas concert, her science fair which was lots of fun and hanging out at the amazing new playground opposite Green Court, yes, you know, under the power lines!! Love it! See how it has turned out Col and Sharon, I tried to take some shots to put it in perspective for you, it is a really great set up, the skate park area etc is really cool. Although the fun sort of ended when Simon found us and told me that all that ‘keep off the new playground’ ‘limit line’ ‘beware or danger’ tape was there for a reason…Spoil-sport…Jen, you would have been proud!

I hope you took the time to check out the couple of signs posted in the park (just before the children playing under the power lines). We LOVE lost in translation signs as travellers, there are many to choose from here and number 5 was my favourite although I also try hard to stop the kids from performing too many dangerous stunner stunts!

Have a happy and safe Christmas wherever you are and we hope our paths cross in 2010. We just signed on here til June 2011 so catch us while you can.


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