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28 Jun

We are in the South now, by a tiny little beach area called Vale de Centianes. We are eating lots of sardines and drinking red wine, eating sorbet and gelati and swimming swimming swimming. Today Han and I woke at 10, then we ate, we swam, we watched Get Smart, the soccer, swam, ate, swam and that was about it. Life is lovely here in the south of Portugal! Mimi is loving the pool, swimming naked and running around naked and even sleeping naked… we are all pretty much naked (much to Hannah’s dismay!)

Tomorrow we head here for some fun in the sun, Hannah and Simon style!

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Portugal… the first visit of many…

18 Jun

We’ve been to Spain, briefly to Barcelona in 1996…We’ve had four visits to France since then and consider Paris to be one of the most amazing cities in the world and we pretty much have an ongoing love affair with the south of the country, but this is our first trip to Portugal.

The Lisbon streets have more graffiti than perhaps any other city we’ve ever visited, we have trouble with communicating as we don’t know any Portuguese and the kids are going a little ‘stir-crazy’ in our small local apartment…BUT it is official WE LOVE PORTUGAL!

The sky is so blue, the air is so pure, all of the buildings have so much character and did I mention the food? Holy Mama, so delicious!

The best news is we still have two weeks to go!
Here is where we are off to next after our 12 days in Lisbon and Porto.

Three cheers for Portugal!


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