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October in Australia…

24 Oct

Following will be some albums from our time in Australia during the recent Chinese National Day holiday.
We went back home for my 20 year high school reunion…yes, I know, you all thought I was much younger! As usual we tried to pack too much in but luckily we were able to catch up with many good friends and most of our family.

The first album is of time with my brother and his family for his birthday and later at the airport before Hannah and I flew home. Great to see you Scotty, Chandrima, Jayana, Kane and Dad. It was so so cool seeing the little ones hanging out in the street together. We certainly have some gorgeous kids in our lives.

The second album is of time spent with Simon’s sister Moira and her family. Hannah and I were lucky enough to have another play day in Ballarat with Lily and Jackie which was great fun. Thanks again for the fairies tickets Auntie Moira. It is always so lovely seeing our girls get together, of course the computer just isn’t the same as the real thing but we hope you enjoy looking back over these photos.

Well as always it was amazing to catch up with Miranda, Andrew, Bryony, Hunter, Alby and also the big girls and their babies on our trip this October. So check out these photos and see if you can spot the Aussie creatures and amazing nature…we’ve got chooks, echidnas, kangaroos in the back paddock and check out that rainbow! I also love love love seeing the accident waiting to happen on the trampoline, poor Han and Hunter…a little to the left or right and it could have been avoided…but til then a fun time was being had by all. Thanks again for the memories Donald Family, you never fail to make us miss home.

I can’t stop looking at the photos in this next album. Hannah and I were lucky enough to fly to Tasmania for one beautiful day to see my mum and family. The weather was absolutely magnificent and I fell in love with Tassie all over again. Hobart really is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen, the sky was so blue, the mountain was magnificent towering over Nanna’s place and Hannah and I had a really great time with our family. Thanks mum for taking so many amazing photos of the girls, it was difficult to limit the album size, each shot up at the park was a winner. To think that you have that on your doorstep is incredible…it feels a long long way from Shanghai.

We also had a great time catching up with other friends while we were back and while I didn’t take a lot of photos with them, here are a few from our time with the Rampling Family and also Ruth, Malcolm, Rosie and Annabelle Myers. Thanks for dressing me for the reunion Susan and thanks for adding another couple of kilos to my luggage with all the chocolate Ruth! xxx

As I mentioned, it was for my 20 year reunion that I was back in Australia so following are some photos from that. Thanks to my star photographer Laurelle, I featured in many…I have also culled many! Some were quite shocking to say the least and if Peta Jolley crossed her eyes in anymore photos I would not have had any left!!! It was so cool seeing so many people that I hadn’t seen for so long and others that I always try and catch up with when we are back. The night went too fast and there were people I wanted to talk to and didn’t but hey, there’s always the 30 year Sacred Heart College reunion…


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