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October… the countdown to Christmas begins…

16 Oct

Wow, there must be some hormone that kicks in around mid-month that causes me to try and post something here.

I am knee deep in course work for my library certificate. It is stimulating and interesting but there just aren’t enough hours in the day are there folks… I actually just managed to skype with the rest of the students who are meeting today in New Hampshire, that was exciting, it is strange to be doing such intimate thinking with people so far away but that is the way things go these days.

Mum has been here for nearly three weeks and we are trying to make her time her as exciting as possible. She is out at Tommy Emmanuel now, went to the tennis masters last week and had a day at Suzhou with our friend Sandra too.

We have begun thinking more about Christmas and are really looking forward to catching up with a lot of different friends and family while we are back there for three weeks. Our week in Apollo Bay will be a highlight and we hope to actually have a bit of a holiday down there, that would be nice! I hope the weather agrees with us and we just get to spend some time doing not much at all…

Thanks to Mum for many of the photos below. I know the first one isn’t of October, but I really love it and as (for a change) Mimi doesn’t feature so much in this album, I thought it was only fair!


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Home Sweet Home

07 Aug

Hi, we tiredly but happily arrived back in Shanghai on the evening of Tuesday the 29th of July. We were originally scheduled for the following week but decided to bring it forward as it was pretty cold back in Ballarat and we were itching to see our new Green Court apartment. We are not disappointed by our decision. We have had a terrific week back here and are feeling much more relaxed and ready to take on the next year of school.


The weather is fantastic right now and I am going to enjoy the second and final week of being back here and will then be ready to face my new class and colleagues. Hannah has been going off to ‘summer camp- a performing arts camp with the theme “Hannah Montana and Friends” every morning for a few hours this week and is extremely happy to be doing so, she is loving it and I can’t wait to see and hear her final performance tomorrow. Mimi is pretty grumpy unless I am giving her 100% of my attention so that has been trying on all of us. I am sure she is just picking up on the whole “Shanghai = ayi most days and not mum” thing and feeling a bit insecure so I am trying to give her love but the constant whinging is taking its toll. Simon is rapt to be back and is happily setting up his techy things all over the place and getting ready for the year ahead.




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