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Mimi’s about to start school…Hannah began today!

17 Aug

Mimi has her two orientation days at the end of this week and begins school at The Wonder Center from 8-2 on the 24th of August. We are so excited she has the opportunity to experience an amazing bi-lingual experience at a location so close to home. Here are some snapshots my friend Jenny took at Mimi’s last day of school in June. Thanks Jenny, I know it was hard work for you with the children climbing all over you, not to mention the temptation of all of those cakes!!!

Meanwhile it was Hannah’s first day in Grade 4 today; also the first day of work with the students for Simon and I, it is great to have kids back in the classroom and see what you are in for for the rest of the year. It looks like my class are going to get along famously but the thrill I get from seeing how happy Hannah is in her new class is so exciting… She has a new teacher, Ms Lau and I think her year is going to be her best yet. Check out what Hannah is up to on her teacher’s class blog.

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The Wonder Center

27 May

Yes Yes I know, sorry Aussies but really have to say Center not Centre when that is the name of the actual place!!! We are so lucky that I used to teach Izzy Leary and therefore met her Mum Sue who started this place back in March.
The Wonder Center is only two blocks from our house and ayi enjoys taking Mimi around there in the morning and bringing her home in time for her to enjoy lunch. Once school starts back in August Mimi will not only make her snack everyday, (the tortillas she made yesterday were amazing) but she will also make her lunch; sometimes using the ingredients from the garden she has grown with the help of the compost she has collected! I love it!

I had been feeling a fair bit of the old ‘mother guilt’ that I was now the only family member who hasn’t spent time there so I took the day off work yesterday and I am so glad I did. I was able to just go with the flow and get a really good look at all of the activities I have heard Mimi talking about for the last ten weeks. I always knew Early Childhood Workers had a tough job but wow, they just never stop, those little kids just really suck the life out of you with their contagious energy and thirst for knowledge.
Mimi moved from activity to activity so smoothly and knew what to expect every step of the way.

If you are unfamiliar with the Reggio Emilia Approach in Early Education you might want to read this article to find out more, Sue does an amazing job of never speaking down to the children and “The learning menu is highly diversified, ranging from dancing, coloring, painting, shaping clay, discovering one’s shadow, role playing and a whole host of stimulating experiences, such as helping one another, sharing a game, making friends and analyzing how things works so the child can find an appropriate comfort zone, which would allow optimum levels of expressions.”

It certainly eased some of the guilt seeing we have made the right decision to send Mimi along to a place where she is happy and safe as well as nurtured and loved.

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